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Request an Appointment at Any of Our 4 Locations
Request an Appointment at Any of Our 4 Locations
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Eye Doctors in Duncan, Lake Cowichan, Chemainus & Cobble Hill

From the time you enter our office, our friendly trained staff provide you with caring professional service. Our optical team keeps up with new lens technologies and trends, shopping the international eyewear trade shows and bring trending designer frames, lenses, contact lenses, and sunglasses (for our exclusive Sunglass Cove), back here to Vancouver Island.

Our community and children are important to us. We sponsor the Chemainus Theatre, Kerry Park soccer league, high school scholarships, and work with parent’s groups and schools to educate our youth on vision health. We’ve been providing patients from Cobble Hill, Chemainus, Lake Cowichan and Duncan with trusted vision care for more than 20 years. Learn about Our Eyecare Services at Cowichan Eyecare.

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Modern Eyecare in Duncan, Cobble Hill, Chemainus and Lake Cowichan

Cowichan Eyecare offers advanced technology in eye health to provide comprehensive eye care. Regular eye exams are crucial to the future wellness of your eyes, regardless of the clarity of your vision or the use of glasses or contact lenses. Here at Cowichan Eyecare, our knowledgeable and personable staff look forward to thoroughly caring for the health of your eyes.

Dr. Trevor Miranda, Dr. Anita Voisin, Dr. Carla Clarke, Dr. Megan Polack, and Dr. Ben Inglis provide the Cowichan Eyecare Experience to ensure that you receive comprehensive care with modern, advanced technologies and ocular equipment. Call or email us to schedule an appointment with our office today, and see how our doctors and staff provide you with eye care treatment, advice, and follow-up care.

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Duncan 844-338-5480
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Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Trevor T. Miranda O.D.


Dr. Anita Voisin O.D.


Dr. Carla Clarke O.D.


Dr. Megan Polack O.D.


Dr. Ben Inglis O.D.


Dr. Rebecca Lamhonwah O.D.


Dr. Sidonie Ward O.D.

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Meet Our Doctors

Pediatric Eye Exams for Children

According to experts, 80% of learning is visual, which means that if your child is having difficulty seeing clearly, his or her learning can be affected. This also goes for infants who develop and learn about the world around them through their sense of sight.

pediatric eye exam for kids in

Eyewear for Kids

Our experience in serving Cobble Hill, BC at Cobble Hill Eyecare as well as our locations in Duncan, Chemainus, and Lake Cowichan over the years has given our team of opticians a trained eye at carrying frames and lens combinations to meet every budget and any taste in style

little boy wearing kids eyewear in
eye exam in cobble hill, bc

The Cowichan Eyecare Experience is all about our eye doctors getting a complete picture of your eye health to ensure your vision is clear. If you are experiencing dryness, itching, burning or stinging, watery eyes - you may have Dry Eyes.

Q&A With Our Doctors | Dry Eye Syndrome

I regularly use over the counter eye drops when my eyes feel irritated. Is this good for my eyes?

No, it's not helping your eyes or vision. If you feel that you need eye drops, there must be something medically wrong with your eyes. You should schedule a consultation so we can have your eyes checked to understand the cause of the discomfort in your eyes and recommend a suitable course of treatment for your condition which may or may not include eye drops.

Are some people more prone to having Dry Eyes than others?

Yes. Generally those that suffer with allergies, or have systemic inflammatory diseases like arthritis and sjogrens’, or those who use the computer or digital devices often and even contact lens wearers tend to be more susceptible to dry eye symptoms.

What are some of the warning signs of Dry Eye? How is it best detected?

Warning signs can accumulate quite gradually over many years. Not uncommonly among contact lens wearers, they may incorrectly assume the lenses are old and need to be replaced. Other times the eyes water a bit more, or burn, or itch. Many, many cases are sub-clinical – they can only be diagnosed with the use of microscopic detection and special equipment!
We look at tear quality, tear meniscus, and gland structure. Research has pointed towards the testing of tear osmolarity as a reliable indicator of
the disease in terms of pre-treatment and post-treatment situations.

Sunglass Cove Promotion

Need new shades? We’ve got a great sunglasses deal for you! Buy a pair of polarized prescription sunglasses for $379 (single vision or progressives), or $279 as a 2nd pair. Select frames – see store for details. Mix and match applies.

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Patient Refferal Program

Please refer a friend or family member and, as a token of our appreciation, we will enter you into a drawing for $100 towards sunglasses from our Sunglass Cove each time a new patient comes to our office on your recommendation.

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