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Are you making your eye allergies worse? Avoid the alder!

Although we love our local alder trees, when they are the cause of eye allergies, they’re kind of intolerable. The sniffing and sneezing can become unbearable and annoying to those around us, and the daily itchiness doesn’t seem to go away with the aid of drops or ointments.

What exactly causes eye allergies?

When an outside cause such as pollen, dust, pet hair, or even certain foods reacts with our body’s immune system, for many of us, our bodies will have an allergic reaction. The body mistakenly “panics” as a negative reaction thinking these harmless allergens might cause harm. While allergens, in general, do no harm to the body at all, the allergic reaction releases histamine, a chemical that forces dryness and production of tears to flush out any allergens. A side effect of the body’s release of histamine can also lead to inflamed blood vessels in your eyes to give them that bloodshot appearance.

How do you treat eye allergies?

Many things may cause an allergic reaction like grass, weed and tree pollen, as well as dust and pet dander, are among the best known allergens

  • You can avoid allergens by reducing your usage of makeup, perfume, and even contact lenses.
  • Treatments are generally eye drops, sometimes medicated, and the usage of anti-histamines.
  • Avoid sitting by fans or air conditioners that may be adding outside allergens to the room.
  • If your driving, roll up the windows and use the air conditioner instead. Most cars can recycle the air inside the car to avoid allergens entering as well.

Several other ways to reduce or relieve symptoms exist as well. Wearing sunglasses when stepping outside helps block pollen, dust and other outdoor allergens from getting in your eyes. Contact lenses may also irritate your eyes, so try taking those out if nothing else works. Finally, never rub your eyes while experiencing an allergic reaction. No matter how much they itch, rubbing will irritate your eyes further and make things worse.

For more information, and for help clearing up your eye allergies, contact your eye doctor today.