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Request an Appointment at Any of Our 4 Locations
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The Cowichan Eyecare Experience

eye examYour Cowichan Eyecare Experience is not just about what you can read today. At our eye care locations, our eye doctors know it's about getting a complete picture of the health of your eyes and related health conditions to ensure clear vision tomorrow. We look forward to meeting new patients from Duncan, BC and all surrounding areas.

What's included in the Cowichan Eyecare Experience?

  • Digital Retinal Scans - For a great look at your retina without always needing to have your eyes dilated.
  • Peripheral Vision Screen - To help determine the health of your eye-to-brain nerve connections.
  • Nerve Fibre Layer Analysis - To help diagnose glaucoma conditions up to 10 years earlier than older technology.
  • A Visual Examination by Your Doctor - Dr. Miranda, Dr. Voisin, Dr. Clarke, Dr. Polack, or Dr. Peterson will examine your eyes to identify health or vision issues.
  • Visual Clarity - Determining what prescription will provide your optimal vision.
  • Lens Consultation - We guide you through options for lens types, tints, coatings and more!
  • Our Satisfaction Promise - We stand behind the excellence of our Eyecare Experience - and we review any element that you many have questions about.

Q&A with Dr. Miranda

Dr. Trevor T. Miranda Answers Your Eye Care Questions

What is the "Cowichan eyecare experience?"

Dr. Miranda: I perform eye wellness exams on everyone I examine. I look at the health and the future risk to your vision. I will do an OCT, which is basically an MRI type, to look underneath your retina. I also run a nerve fibre layer test. We look at potential thinning of your optic nerve fibres as a baseline for everyone.

If you come and see me 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years from now, I will be able to compare your new scan to your previous scans and see if there are any changes or any further risk to the future health of your eyes. For instance, what if you have the potential to have dry eyes in a couple of years and you didn't know it, and I could give you some solutions now to prevent it. Likewise, if you have more risk for glaucoma based on your structural history.

Vision changes follow structural changes. You have cellular death and cellular damage before you have vision loss. I can pick up on these changes, and prevent the damage by looking at the cellular level early to see if there are going to change over time. We will be able to intervene early in the process.

This means early detection of eye disease, early treatment and potential prevention of eye disease, and total eye wellness. This is the future of optometry for me. This is all part of our Cowichan Eyecare Experience.


Q&A with Dr. Miranda

Dr. Trevor T. Miranda Answers Your Eye Care Questions

Is this early detection testing dependent on my budget?

Dr. Miranda: At Cowichan Eyecare, your comprehensive eye exam is the same price, not matter what tests you do or don't want to do. We set a certain price for our comprehensive eye exams. I have decided that part of my approach would be wellness and prevention.

Therefore, included in my comprehensive eye exams are all the wellness type screening tests. Then, if we detect any suspicious flags in the screenings, we will run a more thorough workup.

Without these baseline screenings, my patients just won't know they are at risk for different eye diseases. I include the baseline screenings because that's important to me.


As you will notice, we use the latest digital technology so that our doctors have comprehensive data on your eyes. We are committed to providing you with the Cowichan Eyecare Experience because we know that your sight is of ultimate importance to you.

Have you considered LASIK for vision correction? Cowichan Eyecare, serving Cobble Hill, Chemainus, Lake Cowichan and Duncan BC are your LASIK co-management experts.